Show, Don't Tell

Communicating product value to potential customers is crucial for business success. Quite often, though, the communication blocks users from experiencing the value by actually using the product. You spend time on marketing sites, product tours, and tutorial videos. You ask yourself: „When do I get to use the product and do the thing I came here to do?“

What if, instead of communicating the value, you focus on getting people to experience the product and gain the value as fast as possible?

People Want Results, Fast

A good value proposition leads to a dream outcome with a high likelihood of success, in less time, and with less effort. Getting people to experience the product as fast as possible helps to decrease the time it takes for them to get results.

Instead of telling people how an app provides value, convincing them to download the app, and then guiding them through onboarding, why not let people use and experience the app immediately?

Here is an example: For the app prototype of Uplift, I created a website that lets people use the timer (the thing that provides the value) on the website.

It might not be as easy as that for other types of apps or digital products. But an approach like this not only reduces the time it takes for people to gain value from your product, it also reduces the effort required to do so.