Hi, I’m Lukas. I’m a freelance UX & UI designer based in Hamburg, Germany. I design digital products and services.

More than 10 years of UX, Product Design and Product Management has made me an experienced design generalist. With a background in design and business, I can confidently recommend intuitive and meaningful experiences to clients across different industries.

I believe that good design and intuitive user interfaces are necessary for successful digital products. This understanding has led me to put the human experience front and center in the design process.

Not only do I want to make the product look pretty, but I also want to make it work. I have worked in various roles and setups, from being the only designer at a startup doing the first steps to leading a team of UX people building a new software product for hundreds of thousands of users.



Freelance UX & UI Designer

Building modern banking apps for 13 million users.


UX Designer at PurePresents

Creating something new in the space of online gift shopping.


Lead UX Designer at ePages

Building a new product generation of e-commerce cloud software.


Product and founding experience

I held roles as Product Owner and Product Manager and I helped build airfocus, a tool for smarter roadmap prioritization that is now a successful startup.

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Working with me

I'm a designer and I can help you solve problems.

Above all else, the most important step is to understand and verify the problem. That's why I will always talk to you about that first, no matter what kind of project. Maybe you already know a lot about the problem or you could just have a vague idea about it. I help you make sure the problem exists and is the right one to solve.

Once we are clear on the problem, we can set up a plan on how to find the best solution for it in the given context. I can help you from the start (where all you have is a rough idea) to the very end (where your idea is a working product or service). I can assist with one small part or the entire project – up to you and the needs of your project.


Product and design strategy

I help you define what to build, why to build it, and for who.

Understand users

I organize and synthesize user research.

Ideate and draft

I generate and visualize potential solutions through design thinking and conceptual design.

Design and prototype

I create the fleshed-out product design, UX flows, and prototype the final product.

Test and validate

I help to create experiments to test the solution and assist in the synthesis of user feedback.

Implementation support

I provide necessary assets and work with developers, project managers, and stakeholders to deliver the solution.

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