I'm a freelance UX & UI designer from Hamburg, Germany.

Over ten years of UX, Product Design and Product Management turned me into an experienced design generalist. I have designed all sorts of digital products: from web apps like airfocus (product management platform) and ePages Now (online shop software) to mobile apps like the App Sparkasse (most popular banking app in Germany with 13+ million users).

I believe good design and intuitive user interfaces are necessary for successful digital products. That's why I put the human experience front and center in the design process. I enjoy taking in complex inputs and transforming them into simple and usable experiences. I like to make things easy.

I have worked in various roles and setups, from being the only designer at a startup doing the first steps to leading a team of designers building a new software product for hundreds of thousands of users.

For my full work experience, have a look at my CV.

Working with me

I help you create user-focused experiences that result in happy customers and profitable businesses. These are my areas of expertise:

I help you define what to build and why

The most important thing is to understand and verify the problem you want to solve. Maybe you already know a lot about it or you just have a vague idea. I help you make sure the problem exists and is the right one to solve. After that, we can set up a plan on how to find the best solution in the given context.

I design how it works and how it looks

Not only do I want to make the product look pretty, but I also want to make it work. I specialize in concept and design work, making sure that the product fulfills user needs and meets business goals.

I can help you from the start (where all you have is a rough idea) to the very end (where your idea is a working product). I can assist with one small part or the entire project—up to you and the needs of your project.

“A highly organized and structured design thinker”

“Lukas has deep design knowledge and a lot of experience creating digital products. He is highly organized and a structured design thinker, bringing a fresh perspective to the task at hand. His biggest strength is his ability to transform a breadth of inputs into usable information and experiences. He is also highly collaborative and great to work with.”

— Malte Scholz, CEO, CPO & Co-Founder of airfocus

Want to know more or got a project in mind? Let’s talk: mail@lukasrathmann.com