Lukas Rathmann

I'm a product manager, UX Designer, UI Designer, creative guy making stuff.

Born and raised in a small village in Germany, I moved to Hamburg seven years ago to learn digital media design. I quickly fell in love with designing for the web and got familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to bring my ideas to life.

After doing that for a while, I started to work as a Product Manager. That helped me to frame up any design with what problem it was trying to solve and what value it would provide. At the same time, I learned a lot about e-commerce, improving the world's leading cloud-based online shop solution at ePages in Hamburg, Germany.

In 2014, I shifted priorities and responsibilities again, focussing on UX design. I became the lead UX designer for a major product overhaul called ePages Now. Besides that, I co-founded airfocus and learned what it means to create a new product from scratch.

Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch or have a look at my work. You can also check out my resume.