I design products & experiences people love.

Hi, I'm Lukas, nice to meet you.

I am currently working as a UX Designer at PurePresents, an e-commerce startup creating something new in the space of online gift shopping. Before that, I was the lead UX Designer at ePages, the world’s leading cloud-based online shop solution.

I also co-founded airfocus, worked as a Product Manager and a Product Owner. All that sums up to more than 7 years of experience designing digital products and experiences.

Over the course of my career, I got to work extensively in every stage of the design thinking process. My skills focus on understanding the problem and the user, exploring ideas and potential solutions and bringing them to life and validating them.

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Mildly interesting.

I am an infrequent writer on Medium and I wrote a book called “It’s dangerous to exist” (in German). It tries to answer the question whether or not humanity is in danger of going extinct in an educational and humorous way.